Hello Everyone!!

I am so Excited. This is my very first blog on Heart 2 Heart connect and that is exactly what this blog is going to be. This is where I will personally connect with each and everyone of you.  Where we can share Testimonies, humor, Love, advice anything that is on our hearts. I will personally respond to each and every message. I will share behind the scenes footage of concerts, recordings, etc. 

Here I will Keep it Real. No pretence or  shenanigans. THE REAL DEAL. All to the Glory of God!!

Remember : He who began a good work in you is Faithful to Complete it! 




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  1. Well Done Bernice Celeste Crowder! Looking forward to connecting as well. May God take you from strength to strength and may you reach Higher heights Love you

  2. Hi Bernice,i am very blessed with your song; ‘extra-ordinary love’ God has blessed you with a beautiful voice and its quite good that you are serving him. Keep that spirit and May the Love of God be with you.

    • Thank You Erica 🙂 So glad you enjoying it. There is no love like the Love of God. It’s Extra-Ordinary. May God’s love be with you as well.
      Blessings and much love B

  3. Hi bernice I’m only wishing u success…of a truth “d gud work he has startd will b perfectd”jst kip d gospel moving

  4. Hi bernice. im looking for that cd I will trust in the Lord. i still love the song. remember i loved the song while i was at Rainbow fm.please bernice only if i can these album ill be happy. Mary Kay

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